ACATUS, the Greek word for the mythological “floating vessel”, is a modular suspended interactive light structure that is responsive to people’s presence and action. When looked at from above, ACATUS is a rigid grid of equal squares, which is traditional reductonist divisive systems that describe space and place in traditional architectural drawings. However, ACATUS’ grid vertices are vertically displaced to transform the perspective of those who walk under it into a varying geometrical landscape that does not obstruct vision yet influences their behavior and trajectory in space.
Presence, movement and sound are all elements that ACATUS uses to communicate with visitors: when there is no one is in the room the lighting systems undertake predetermined behaviours, while when there when presence is detected, response happens on the sonic level and on the motion tracking levels, and rendering the response is responsive to the accumulated input of the multiple users within the space.


  • Client: Topological Media Lab's P.A.R.E.
  • Place: QC H3G 2W1 | Montreal | Canada
  • Year: 2015
  • Team: L'usine | Omar Alfaleh | Nikolaos Chandolias